Code promo lampe LED de bureau Xiaomi Yeelight YLTD02YL avec batterie 2000mAh à 22,32€

Lampe de bureau LED Xiaomi réglable avec 5 modes de puissance d’éclairage.

Principales caractéristiques :

● Pleasingly Simple Design with Elegant Appearance
● Designed with the concept of simple, aesthetic and practical. Applied bionic design, swan-neck-like light arm combines with large luminous surface to achieve a unique appearance
● Durable And Practical Lamp Arm
● A choice of high-quality metal memory hose with stable performance, skin-friendly silicone jacket and ABS as the material
● Professional Optical Diffusion Plate
● Using high-quality beads, the color rendering index is up to 88. A large number of optical diffusion points are arranged on the inner surface of the lamp plate to make the light more uniform
● Built-in High Capacity Rechargeable Battery
● With a built-in 2000mAh Li-ion battery, the lighting time is up to 5 hours ( 4000K color temperature, 60pct brightness )
● Easy to Operation
● One click the brightness key to cycle 5-mode brightness from 20pct to 100pct
● One click the color temperature key to cycle 5-mdoe lighting from 2700K to 6500K

Bon plan 11/11

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