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Le DJI Phantom 3 Standard vous offre un vol plus léger et plus long que n’importe quel autre drone de la série Phantom 3. Le vol est facile avec le GPS et l’assistant de vol, ce qui fait que le drone retourne au point de décollage et se stabilise automatiquement dans le ciel en attendant vos commandes.

– Intelligent flight assistant
Phantom 3 Standard hovers automatically after takeoff, waiting for your instruction. The built-in flight controller records down the start point, so it is capable of coming back instantly when it flies beyond control distance or receives your command.
– Auto-hover
It hovers automatically in the air, waiting for you to tell it what to do next.
– Safe flight area
Set the limit of how far and how high it can go, and Phantom 3 Standard can always stay within it.
– GPS map
Phantom 3 Standard sends its live geological position to DJI Go app, indicating in which direction its front is facing and how far away it is from you. In case its battery runs low, the GPS guides it back to you.
– Stable and long-lasting shooting
The good stabilization gimbal keeps the camera shake-free, thus, you can take fascinating 12MP photos and 2.7K videos. In addition, the 4480mAh Li-Po battery provides you up to 25 minutes’ flying each time.


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