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Code promo Enceinte Bluetooth Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

8 février 2018

Le haut parleur Xiaomi bluetooth a une batterie intégrée que vous pourrez recharger via le cable Micro USB pour écouter votre musique partout ou vous le souhaiterez.

Détails :

Mini portable wirless bluetooth speaker with square box design
USB cable for Andriod can be the charging source for the stereo speaker
Built-in 1200mAh Li-battery, support for 10 hours playing
Durable structure with ABS surface and aluminum alloy side box
Support bluetooth 4.0 protocol, good compatibility

Détails version métal

● Equipped with Avnera AV3102 chip, the tone is exquisite and balanced.
● Stereo loudness will up to 90 dB (A).
● Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.
● With 2.0 sound channel.
● Built-in 1500mAh large capacity battery, which can achieve 8 hours music playback to meet your need.
● Features with volume control and songs track function, convenient to operate.
● Built-in microphone for hands-free calls, free your hands and keep your safety in driving.
● Portable size, you can’t help bringing it out for walking or running etc.


Bon Plan


Original XiaoMi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker -blue(entrepôt G-W-4, livré 3-7jours )

Original XiaoMi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker International Version

29.00€ Code: GuoNian003 50pcs 2018-02-28 Code promo Xiaomi speaker
Original XiaoMi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker- or(entrepôt G-W-4, livré 3-7jours ) 29.00€ Code: GuoNian004 200pcs 2018-02-28 Code promo HP Xiaomi
Original XiaoMi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker 29.00€ Code: GuoNian020 50pcs 2018-02-28 hCode promo HP Xiaomi


Original XiaoMi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker – GOLDEN-vente flash 23/07 29.8€   Code promo Xiaomi
Original Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker 17/07 €16.73 Vente Flash 100 2017-07-31 Code promo Xiaomi


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