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Sac à dos porte bébé Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools -25% off

8 octobre 2017

Xiaomi vous propose ce sac à dos porte bébé afin que vous puissiez faire de la randonné ou juste vous balader avec votre enfants.

Reduce parents’ burden:
Use a 14 cm wide belt to disperse the power to protect the waist health. 60-120cm waist circumference, suitable for different types of parents. With adjustable anti-slip tape, reducing the back of the power, 20cm adjustable range, improve the comfort of the spine.
Prevent baby O / X type legs:
To 35 degrees elevation design, the baby can sit down to form a comfortable slope to protect the baby’s spine development, and let the child closer to the mother’s body, with « frog potential » fecal type, effective prevention of baby O / X type legs.
Humanized design details:
It also provides the hidden windproof cap, high reflective warning strip, large pocket in front of the baby carrier. Suitable for children weighing 3.5kg to 30kg and aged 3 to 36 month old.
Infant baby can face with infants, facing outward (forward / outward) or back, with or without chips. Sleeping hood can be faced with the baby and rear position.
Safety fabric:
Mijia baby carriages made of 100% polyester fiber, striped fabric is 100 percent cotton, made of 100 percent polyester fiber. Does not contain formaldehyde, aromatic amines, and other harmful substances. Through the authority of certification, protect the baby’s health.

Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools – BLUE €40.21 XM88bb 300pcs 2017-11-30 Code promo Xiaomi


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